8 Must-Have Suit Accessories for Men

suit accessories for men

A classy and well-tailored suit will look good on almost anyone. But to really make an elegant suit that upscales your personality and stand out in the crowd, it is required to pair it with some best suit accessories. The right suit accessories for men can give a formal attire a personalized flare or set up a more casual look to something more.

The number of suit accessories for men that can be paired up with a suit is limitless. Even though there is a lot to choose from,

Given below is the list of some of the men’s accessories for suit:

Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares are getting a lot more attention in the suit accessories for men fashion circle. A colourful and vibrant pocket square is one of the best ways to show off your personality. A pocket square should highlight the colour of your shirt for more conservative look. You can also find a Pocket Square that cam compliment the rest of your outfit.

Some of the famous brands that sell pocket squares:

  1. Knotty Tie: Knotty Tie’s Pocket Squares are all printed and sewn in Denver Colorado, the fabric used by the company is a mixture of twill from the recycled bottles, making the Pocket Square a good choice for the environment purposes as well.
  2. Made Lifestyle Collection: Pocket Square of Lifestyle are inspired from the earlier part of the 20th century. The Pocket Squares are manufactured from the modern and affordable fabrics. The best part about the Pocket Squares are that they are handmade.
  3. Vanda Fine Clothing: The Pocket Squares manufactured by the Vanda are crafted from either wool or vintage fabric.

Tie Bars

A tie bar or a tie clip is a suit accessory for men which is used to clip the tie from the underlying shirt front. The tie bar prevents the tie from swinging and ensures that it hangs straight resulting in neat and uniform appearance, thereby giving you a complete gentleman look. The small metal clips serves the dual purpose of being functional as well as fashionable. You can opt for one with a design, or you can play it safe by keeping it classy in a gold or silver colour.

Some of the best recommended brands for Tie Bars:

  1. Brummell Menswear: The Brummell tie bars comes in a variety of unique styles that can really show off one’s personality. The inspiration of these tie bars are from the fashion designer who had a creative and unique twist.
  2. By Elias: Tie bars from the By Elias are handcrafted in the centre of Brooklyn. They are available in either antique gold or silver. All of the tie bars are inspired from trips overseas.
  3. Donald J Fuss Woodworking: The tie bars from Donal J Fuss is crafted from exotic woods, which can perfectly compliment your suit and tie.


One of the best suit accessories for men. Watches are inspired by the military and anything which is inspired by the military are highly functional. Since the range of acceptable jewellery for men is limited, one of the main accessories that a man can be seen with is a wrist watch. A watch signals style of a person. A watch can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality. Watches are a form of self-expression – reflecting a hint of danger, adventure and sports.

Some of the favourite watch brands:

  1. Fossil: Fossil watches represents the spirit of freedom and authentic adventure. A number of options are available to wear something that suits your personality and enhance your look. Most of the fossil watches are manufactured in Switzerland. A brand trusted by a number of users.
  2. Rado: Rado is considered to be the master of materials for watches that are designed. The watches manufactured by Rado stand out for themselves. Following are the promises made by the company to its users: innovative and revolutionary design, durability, high tech material and ultimate comfort.
  3. Tissot: Tissot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland. Tissot has been the official watch brand for many events as well.


Cufflinks are one of the best suit accessories for men to set you apart from the crowd. It is the best way to show off a bit of style and attitude without coming across as over the top. Nowadays, an endless style of cufflinks is available in the market.

  1. Great Falls Jewellery: The cufflinks made from the Great Falls are al handmade in the US from sterling silver.
  2. Deakin & Francis: Cufflinks of Deakins and Francis are made from both silver and gold. Their elegant cufflinks work well both in traditional as well as casual suit situations.
  3. Augustus Hare: Cufflinks of Augustus Hare are based on classic styles. They are manufactured in Birmingham, England, and are forged from solid sterling silver.


Suspenders are pretty retro men accessories and can be worn with any suit. They can fit in well with the black tie if chosen properly. Keep in mind to leave belt at home if you are wearing suspenders.

Some of the selected brands for suspenders are:

  1. Turnbull and Asser: The suspenders of the brand are made up from wool, and is stitched together by hand. Both adjustable as well as casual suspenders are offered by the company.
  2. Leather Works Minnesota: Leather Works Minnesota offers handmade leather suspenders that features nickel hardware and a Conway buckle.
  3. JJ Suspenders: A wide variety of suspenders are offered by JJ Suspenders, and are made with a classic Y-back design. Best part about these suspenders are that they are offered with sewing kit and interchangeable kits.

Seasonal Scarves

A good scarf can make you look elegant and is essential during the winter season. But, considering a good fashion accessory a light weight scarf would look well in the spring and the fall seasons. Scarves have been a staple in men’s wardrobes. A coloured scarf is a great way to add some energy to your mundane charcoal suit or black overcoat.

Following are some of the best recommendations of scarves to pair your suit with:

  1. Chenille Scarves: Chenille offers colourful, soft and luminous scarves. A number of stylish pieces are offered by the company that are woven with a range of colours.
  2. Nantucket Looms: Nantucket Looms offers scarves that are completely handmade. There scarves are a great choice for the colder months, and is also recommended for the sensitive skin.
  3. Oak NYC: Oak NYC scarves are the most fashion oriented. They come with a rugged design, but works well with the fashion and guards you against the cold as well.

Colourful Socks

Socks are capable to change the dynamics of an outfit. Bright socks are a useful tool for the bold among us who chooses to stand apart from the crowd.

Given below are the best sock brands available for you:

  1. Rancourt & Co.: Socks from Rancourt & Co. are manufactured in the United States of America. The socks are available in more traditional dress designs, or a flamboyant fair isle style. You can pull these socks with either work or general dress.
  2. Nokomis Knitting Company: Nokomis Knitting Company allow the users to either choose from their stock of handmade socks, or get a customized one. Their socks are made out of German yarn and are woven with a bit of nylon.

Handcrafted Belts

Belt is often associated with confidence. A good leather belt makes a man look confident and smart. It displays how well he can put himself in front of the others.

It is rightly said that, “Confidence, is like a belt worn around the waist. Wear it too tight, you come as cocky and arrogant, wear it lose you come off timid and a walk over, but wear it snug, it will upload you in every step of the way”, so wear a good one.

Investing in the quality suit accessories for men not only makes you look elegant, sophisticated and stylish but also saves your money.

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