Best Men Summer Hats For 2020

summer hats for men

Best men summer hats for 2020 or popularly known as Sun hats is a head covering specifically designed to shade the face and shoulders from the sun. It provides a wide variety of options to choose from for its customers, it is manufactured using straw sun hat, pressed fibre sun hat, and the pith helmet. mens sun protection hats are common in mainly resorts, beaches, or the places near the equator.


Briefly talking about the benefits of the sun hat, it protects you from the harmful UV rays of sun which in worst case scenario is capable to give you skin cancer or the worst kind of sunburns. A sun hat can act as a natural barrier against these things. Some of the factors are required to be kept in mind before buying the sun hat.

  • The brim: The wider the brim, the better. About 3 inches of the brim would be sufficient.
  • The materials: Your summer hat could be manufactured using number of fabrics, which is an important factor to decide the amount of protection offered by the hat against the UV rays.

Natural materials such as hemp or cotton can be considered. Some of the synthetic materials are specifically used in order to protect from the UV rays. Also, you may find the UV protection rating with the hat’s tag.

  • The color: The color of the summer hat also determines the amount of protection from the UV rays of the sun. Lighter color reflects the light while the darker shades absorb them.

The summer season is around the corner and one can see that online stores, shops, malls are all flushed with the types of the summer ­­­:  straw hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, fedoras, trucker hats, Panama hats. Following is the list of the summer hats for men, to ease out your difficulty to choose one.

  • Men’s Best Summer Hats For Men:  Straw hats are the number one style for summer. As the name suggests straw hats are woven out of the thin straw, and is usually manufactured using either natural or synthetic. Straw hats are extremely lightweight and comfortable. Also, they offer the best protection from the sun.  A straw hat is used to keep your head cool in this summer so that you can concentrate on the other things and can have a good time.
  • Fedora and Panama hats are the most popular men’s straw hats. In addition to the lightweight material, these hats offer the smart designs as well as leaving the cool effect on you.
  • Men’s Summer Dress Hats: Dress hats are the name indicates, can be used to wear with the suit. This hat can be accompanied by the smart casual or even the formal outfit. Just remember that this hat is worn with formal wear so it should never be worn with sports wear or the extremely casual clothes. Talking about the fabric, the hat is made up of the wool, and due to this reason is sometimes unbearable when worn in the hot glaring sun. You may also opt for a lightweight, breathable dress hat, that is equally good-looking but thousand times more comfortable.

Eg: Pork pie hats

  • Men’s Bucket Sun Summer Hats: Bucket Best men summer hats got popularity peak in summer 2015. A bucket hat is good for someone who digs the casual vibe of a cap but isn’t very fond of the outlook of it. Bucket hats are a great choice if you want that cool look on you. These hats can be worn out for the regular outdoor activities. These hats are available in the different brim sizes and hence if you are planning to stay exposed for a longer period of time, you may want to consider the hat with a wider brim thereby giving you the maximum protection. Also, black is the most popular color, as it complements every piece of your men’s accessories.
  • Men’s Summer Caps: Your summer look is incomplete without the Summer Cap. The visor on the front keep your face protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The cap best compliments your casual outfit, but not with the semi-formals or formals. These caps are made using the leather, suede, or even sheepskin, but you should avoid these materials in the summer time and focus on more light weight material and breathable materials.

eg: Trucker caps are a nice addition to a laid-back look.

  • Men’s Wide Brim Sun Hats: These hats are popular amongst the men who like to spend most of their time outdoors. These kinds of hats are most perfect for the outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, hunting or anything else. The hat tops up with the wide brim that keeps your neck as well as face protected from the glaring sun. These kinds of hats are manufactured using the soft canvas making it a comfortable to wear. Black Brim mens sun protection hats are the most popular ones. It always looks classy and compliments every piece of the outfit. A

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