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Leather Men Wallets are one of the fewest and important accessories carried by a man. There are a number of wallets out there in the market, eg: minimalist wallet, leather men wallet. A minimalist or leather wallet is also known as e-wallet, is a small, flat case and is used to carry small personal items such as cash, credit cards, identification documents, keys, photographs, gift cards, business cards and other items.

Minimalist wallets are generally manufactured using leather-fabrics, but they require a lot of maintenance over time. Apart from the leather fabrics, they are manufactured using synthetic leather, fabric and metal. They are usually pocket-sized but not always foldable along with features like: money clips, chain fastener, or a zipper.

As the society is developing into the cashless one, minimalist wallets or leather wallet are a go to for men and women. It’s just been five years that the minimalist leather wallets came into the fashion. George Costanza once stated, A wallet is your friend, an organizer, and a secretary. But the traditional overstuffed leather can easily turn into an oppressor.

Minimalist or leather men wallet is the lightweight containers designed to accommodate only your most critically important items such as credit cards, debit cards and money. The best thing about the minimalist leather wallet for men is that it encourages you to pare down to basic necessities so that you don’t end up stockpiling the junk. A minimalist wallet is more than just a trendy item.

Different kinds of minimalist leather men wallet are available: from slim bi-fold to money clips and front pocket wallet.

Following is the list of one of the best leather men wallet to guide you through the journey of selecting the best:

Ridge Minimalist Leather Men Wallet

A minimalist or leather wallet for a perfect man. A lot of research was made in order to go through the design of the Ridge Wallet. The Ridge wallet has an RFID blocking front pocket and is crafted from high-grade titanium or lightweight aluminium. It is a lifetime investment. One of the best features of this minimalist leather wallet is the elastic straps that allow it to expand according to the size of your carry, along with the spring-loaded money clip for securing your cash.

Finstock Minimalist Leather Wallet

Best front pocket minimalist leather wallet for men. Finstock goods believes less is more. Manufactured in USA, pockets on both the sides, can accommodate up to 6 cards. The central pocket allows you to carry some cash as well. The Finstock minimalist wallet is manufactured using the leather. This minimalist wallet mark highlighting the journey of your everyday carry.

Travando Money Clip Wallet

Made in Germany, Travando Money Clip leather wallet for men is a secure and stylish minimalist wallet with a room for all of your cashless essentials such as credit cards, debit cards, and even allow you to carry a little amount of cash. It weighs over 2 ounces and measures around 4.5*2.8 inches. It is manufactured using synthetic leather, and has an easy access to a front pocket and six inner pockets. At max the wallet allows you to put in 14 of your cards as well as some loose bills. The most fascinating thing about the wallet is that it has an RFID-blocking providing protection against the identity theft. The wallets is available in a number of colours such as black, black and white, brown, vintage brown, light brown, carbon fibre and blue.

Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim Zip Wallet

Made in Britain, this Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim Zip Wallet allows you to secure all of your important cards with a slim zip around the wallet. The leather wallet has a spacious compartment with a strap and an internal pocket to keep your cash. The wallet includes four external pockets that allows you to fit up to 12 cards. The lining also has a RFID protection, thereby protecting your wallet from the pickpocketing. It comes in black, brown, alpine green and cognac colours.

Genuine Brushed Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Wallet

Rated as the Best Metal minimalist wallet. This is the stainless steel card case from the Zippo. Not a most budget-friendly wallet but can last up to eternity if taken an extra care. Unlike the leather and other fabric cases, this stainless steel wallet is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and of course is extra durable. The men leather wallet allows you to space up at least 7 cards along with the few folded bills. The wallet weighs around six ounces and measures 4.5*3 inches. On top of all these features this wallet also provides a RFID-blocking.

Clifton Heritage RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallets

Also referred to as the front pocket wallet. A budget friendly option that allows you to neatly organize your cash and cards. It blocks RFID, tested for 13.56 Mhz frequency for credit cards, debit cards, drivers’ license and ID cards. It is manufactured using cowhide leather sewn with polyester fabric. The wallet has 7 pockets in total, three in front for your credit and debit cards, three bigger ones at side for your miscellaneous items, and the remaining one in the back of your card. The wallet is available in the black, brown, brown hunter, red, taupe, and mulberry colours. Along with that it gives a variety of texture options such as, carbon-woven, smooth and pebbled.

Spine Titanium Minimalist Leather Men Wallet

Slimmest Minimalist Wallet for a perfect man. Lightweight and slim are some of the top features of this wallet. The Spine Minimalist wallet is a front pocket carry. This minimalist wallet is crafted from the grade 5 titanium, therefore is water resistant, corrosion resistant and is extremely light-weight. The wallet also features a durable elastic band that secures your cards and cash.

Ezra Arthur Cash Fold Wallet

Ezra Arthur is the most luxurious and sophisticated wallet in this list. Simple and portable, it is manufactured using fresh-tanned Horween leather. The leather used is durable and ages nicely by developing a dark patina over time. Thanks to the material, and waxes & oils used in its manufacturing it is also scratch-resistant. The wallet is a luxurious alternative to a money clip that can hold up to 30 bills. It is available in green, whiskey, blue and Malbec colours.

Slim Fold Minimalist Leather Men Wallet

Made in San-Francisco, it is a light-weight, fuss free wallet. The tri-fold minimalist wallet measures 5*3.5*0.2 inches, allowing you to store a total of 20 cards. It has several dedicated slots allowing you to stack cards without becoming bulky. Its soft shell material is durable and waterproof, possessing the features of Kevlar and Gore-tex. A few of the models also have RFID-protection. Manufactured in black, charcoal, navy blue colours with a variety of different colour stitching, including black, red, orange, and gray. The best part of the wallet is that it comes with a five year warranty.

Herschel Charlie Card Holder Wallet

Manufactured using Polyester, it measures around 7.5*10 cm. It’s hand washable and is easy to clean when gets dirty. The wallet consists of two slots in the front and the two slots on the back. It provides you a space large enough to hold 20 folded bills and 10 cards.

Though it is quite small it has an RFID-blocking layer protecting you against the pickpocketing. The wallet is available in black, navy, navy/red, navy/woodland, camo/red, winter floral and raven colours.

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