Where Can I Find Good Quality Duffle Bags for Men?

duffel bags for men

Duffle bags are a handy piece of baggage to have around. They are the multipurpose bags and can be used for various purposes such as gym, travel, etc.  Earlier duffle bags for men were used by the non-commissioned personnel in the military, and for sports or recreation by the civilians. They were once used by the sailors, and were known as the “sea bags”.

Duffle bag’s open structure and lack of rigidity make it adaptable to carry sports and other kind of gear. It’s the versatility and the variety of the duffle bags that make them the perfect go to for many situations. Duffel bags with wheels allow you to carry your stuff as well as also secure your essentials such as wallets, keys, documents, etc.

Let’s find out the best uses of Duffel Bags for Men:


Duffle bags are a must-have baggage for travel. They allow the easy storage of the items; they are lightweight and hence easy to carry. Because of their unique features, many companies are producing rolling duffle bags. Duffle bags are considered great for road trips, weekend vacations and overnighters.

Sports and Recreation:

Duffle bags are essential for sports, whether it be tennis or cricket. Due to the size and portability of the duffle bags you can throw in any of your sports gear and can carry it easily over your shoulders.


Since duffle bags are spacious and easy to clean, they make an ideal gym bag. Duffle bags can easily store the gym clothes, extra set of street clothes, shoes and personal items, such as shampoo. Duffel bags can be easily fit into lockers hence can keep all your things safe.


Hunting Duffle bags for men are usually having an arm strap for carrying, and also a padding and extra lining to protect equipment from the damage. The most popular hunting duffel bags are made up of camouflage fabric and have an extra zipper pockets for ammunition and cleaning supplies.


Duffle bags mens are great for business purposes as well. The duffel bag can be used to store a laptop or files. Some of the duffel bags are designed specially with protective sleeves and pockets for business items. For extra professional look there are leather duffel bags available out there.

Choosing a perfect duffle bags for men and women might be a challenging task, so following is the list of the things that you should consider before buying one.

  1. Size and Colour: A duffle bag should be a roomier than a backpack, but noticeably smaller than a suitcase. You can either choose a classy colour for yourself or a versatile one, or you may also try something bolder. Black, navy, and military tones like tan or olive are evergreen and are a safe bet. Also, for the men who travel a lot, a duffel bag should be bought keeping the standard sizes allowed by the airport, in mind.
  2. Materials and Durability: Given that your duffel bag will either be dragged at gym or will be thrown into the luggage compartments, etc., you might want to consider the material of the bag seriously. You might want to consider canvas material which is a good compromise between quality and affordability. You can also consider the duffel bag made up of nylon material which is as tough as canvas, with added properties like water resistance, etc. Last but not the least, you can also consider the duffel bag made up of leather. Adding to that leather bag adds on to your personality. You must also pay attention to the thickness of the leather and be aware of the faux leathers.

We have sorted some of the best duffel bags for men for you. Have a look at them.

Bottega Veneta intrecciato duffel bag:

Bottega Veneta’s signature “Intrecciato” woven leather design was first introduced in 1970s. Earlier cow skin was used to manufacture the duffel bags for men, which are now replaced with the glove leather. The artisanal infrastructure means that the bag holds its shape, whether it is stuffed with gear in the overhead bin or barely packed. If you want to stand out in the crowd this is your go-to bag. Also, it is available in an uncommon colour like brick red.

Lotuff No. 12 weekender:

A duffel bag for men with the rectangular bottom, tapering up into a rounded top. The nameless-shape ensures the bag is as comfortable to carry on against on your back as it is to hold by hand. The bag comes with the zipper closure from end wall to end wall that allows wider opening, hence making the packing easy. Also, the zippers and the other hardware are fabricated from the solid brass, including the lock-and-key closure.

Canvas Overnight Bag Travel Duffel Genuine Leather

A duffel bag for men which is constructed to last forever. This duffel bags for men is made up of durable canvas with a leather base, handles and strap. This duffel bag can be carried into office, on a flight or at a gym. And a number of colours are available to choose the perfect one for you. The best part about this duffel bag is that the shoulder strap is adjustable to meet your personal needs.

Kenneth Cole New York TopZip Duffel:

Kenneth Cole is one of the leading brands of leather duffel bags for men. The company products is world wide popular for their sleek design and durability. This leather duffel bag for men is made of full grain leather in brown and black colour. On the exterior the duffel bag is made up of cowhide leather and a fully lined interior. This duffel bag has a large main compartment and two open packets to hold small items. The Kenneth Cole bags meets the global standards hence causing no trouble for your international or domestic trips.

Herschel Supply Co.Novel:

A duffel bags for men that comes with a dozen of colour options. This duffel bag works better for gyms and less professional settings. The bag comes with the two handles and a shoulder strap. There’s also a side access point for an easy access of your essentials. This is a single compartment duffel bag and hence a best gym companion for you. Also, the material used in this duffel bag is easy to clean, hence the low maintenance cost.

LeatharioMens Genuine Leather Overnight Duffel:

The Leathario Duffel features a unique design. A high-quality leather bag, is designed for the business trips and weekend getaways. This duffel bag for men is made up of vegetable tanned leather, hence will age beautifully. This duffel bag has a dacron lining with a smooth brass zipper. The size of the duffel bag is perfect for the weekend getaway along with a laptop of 14’’.

Yeti Panga Airtight Waterproof Submersible Duffel Bag:

The sporty duffel bag for men made from thick, laminated nylon that is capable of withstanding any rough baggage handling. This Duffel bag can also be worn as a backpack. This is a fully waterproof bag, that can keep your clothes dry whether you are tailgating or stuck in the rain. Hence it is a perfect companion for a weekend getaway.

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