Holi Festival 2020 India: Plan And Celebrate Holi

holi 2020

The festival of colours Holi 2020 is around the corner, and most of us are overjoyed with the thought of its celebration, what colours will be using, where and how the celebration will be done, and whatnot. Before digging deep into how to execute the plans on the big day, let’s hover over the past, and know more about the legends and how Holi evolved as a festival?

Holi is an ancient Indian festival, earlier known as “Holika”. The festivals depict the win of good over evil. According to the Bhagavata Purana, King Hiranyakashipu – the king of demonic Asuras, who could neither be killed by a man or an animal – grew arrogant and started treating himself as a god. His son, Prahlad, disagreed with his actions and chose to remain a devotee to Vishnu. The king was infuriated by his son’s actions and subjected him to the cruel punishments. The king asked his sister to trick his son into sitting on a pyre with her. Holika protected herself with a cloak while Prahlad remained exposed. As the fire blazed, the cloak flew from Holika’s body and encased Prahlad, thus saving his life. Later, Lord Vishnu appeared in the avatar of “Narsimha”, half man and half lion, and killed the king. This is why Holi begins with the bonfire of Holika, which marks the end of the evil.

According to the other legend, it is believed that Lord Krishna developed a characteristic of the blue coloured skin after a demon poisoned him with her breast milk. He was worried that now Radha wouldn’t like him due to the colour of his skin. Then, his mother suggested that he may go to Radha and smear her face with any colour he wanted. This gradually evolved as a tradition and now is celebrated as the festival Holi.

Holi 2020 is also described as the “festival of spring”, or the “festival of love”. This festival signifies the commencement of Spring and the end of winter. On this day many people meet each other, play and laugh with colours, forget the past and forgive each other for their sinful deeds and repair the broken relationships.

Holi 2020 celebrations start on the night before the “Dhulandi”, with the “Holika Dahan” where some rituals are performed by the people. They pray for their inner peace to be destroyed. The carnival begins the next morning where people comes out on the streets to play with the colours, and drench each other in coloured water through the water guns and balloons. Holi is complimented with a variety of sweet dishes and other delectable dishes, such as Gujiya, Dahi Vada, Pakora, Barfi, Puran Poli, Phirni, Bhaang, Ras Malai and many other delicious cuisines.

Let’s look in more detail on how to celebrate holi 2020.

Lighting the Holika bonfire:

Collect and stack the wood. Make bonfire in the open space away from the trees. The day the Holika is burnt is known as “Choti Holi”. Then place the statue of the Holika on the bonfire. Burning Holika in the bonfire symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Light the bonfire, and it is a custom to look at the bonfire and pray to end every evil in you. One thing to keep in mind is, wear cotton clothes while lighting up the bonfire.

Preparing for Holi:

Choose your outfit carefully. It is preferred to wear the light or white coloured clothes. Also, if you are afraid of spoiling your clothes, go for the old ones so that you can discard them immediately after the play.

Playing holi is believed to be incomplete if not accompanied by gulal – a natural red-orange coloured powder made from the flowers of palash.

People also use red, pink, green and violet colours more often. It is believed that “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, it is good to test whether you are allergic to the chemicals used in making synthetic colours. If you have a sensitive skin it’s preferred to buy the organic colours.

  • Take safety steps for your skin and hair: Apply the cream on your face and the other exposed areas of your body. Oil your hair a little in order to remove the colours easily after the play. Try wearing shades while playing the Holi as eyes are very sensitive to the synthetic colours.
  • Buy Balloons: Get those water balloons in your pocket in order to smear them on others. You can fill them up with the coloured water and then hurl at your friends.
  • Apart from all this you can fill a bucket with water using it to fill your “pichkari” and water balloons. Fill as many balloons as possible and get ready for then big finish.
  • People on the Holi dance on the beat of the dholak, enjoying the Holi delicacies mentioned above.
  • Last but not the least, there’s a tradition of breaking a pot. A pot filled with the buttermilk is hanged in the streets. And then the men in the town form a human pyramid and breaks a pot. This tradition is followed in the honour of Lord Krishna who was very fond of the buttermilk.

Concluding, one can say that Holi 2020 is the festival when people enjoy the day with the loved ones, forgetting and forgiving them of their reprehensible behaviour in the past. Exchanging hugs and well wishes along with the sweets marks the spirit of brotherhood and peace. Holy truly is an all-day celebration.

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