How TO Choose The Perfect Leather Wallet For Men

perfect leather wallets for men

When was the last time you changed your wallet? Is It currently happened or a year ago? Or Five years ago? Now This time to refresh your style with leather wallet for men.

A wallet is the accessory that a man always brings with him. It becomes part of his daily life and he frequently gives to his wallet a value that is more emotional than practical. But choosing the right wallet is also a big challenge.

There are huge variety of men’s wallet available in the market like Bi-fold, Tri-fold, zip around wallets or travel wallets. It is your choice for which purpose you want to use the leather  wallets.

We are the large manufacturer of handmade leather wallets for men. In this article I am describing the some steps to follow in order to choose the best leather wallets for men.

Firstly to analyze these Easy Steps:

  • What type of outfit you like most in your daily life.
  • Find that How frequently you use the wallet.
  • Observe what type of things you want in your wallet.
  • Are You happy to have cash or cards? Or both?


Every Birthday, Father’s day, Wedding  or small occassion, We all face the same problem: finding a present which is  useful, original and, if possible, not too expensive.

Here are some examples in order to improve your abilities in choosing the right wallets among the chaotic world of men accessories.

Bi-Fold leather Wallet for Men

Bi-fold wallets are good and elegant. These type of wallets are perfect match with casual outfits. Our classic Bi-Fold leather men’s wallet is perfect with slim design and  fit into your pocket. This wallet have is made of fine smooth leather with a beautifully soft finish due to our use of high quality skins, which is perfect for our amazing colours.

high quality wallet

Minimalist Wallet (Front Pocket leather Wallet for men)

This minimalist wallet (front pocket leather wallet for men) is perfect for men who like to carry more cards with secure cash sleeve. Now a day’s minimalist wallets is exploded for those who likes much stuff in a slim designer wallet.

Keep in mind that the best minimalist wallet or front pocket wallet for some persons may not very well be the best because It all depends on your everyday carry needs and whether you’re looking for pure minimalism over functionality. 

minimalist wallet -Flawsome

Tri-Fold Leather Wallet For Men

Tri-fold leather wallet for men are a smart and new style for this season. The feature of this wallet is that everything has its space. These wallets have two compartments with multiple slots for cards, one with a clip for bills. Choose the best combinations of colors of tri fold wallet. We have plenty of shades to suit your look.  Browse the range here for more inspiration.

Trifold wallet

Card Holder

A slim accessory in which he can put all the essentials: credit cards drive license and bills. Choose the pure leather card holder because these genuine leather is superb and you will immediately notice the difference when you feel it.

Choose a neutral color if you prefer that the wallet fits every outfit. Our items are all hand-crafted  and you can choose from a big range of colors. If you use this cardholder It becomes easy for you to find the cards you want because you don’t need to dig through all your stuff.

front pocket leather wallet

Money Clip

Money clip is only for those people who carry only cash, there is also a perfect leather wallet for men. They are made with a clip holder that will firmly hold your money in place. They are usually very small, considering they are made to hold cash only.

As you can see there are a lot of factors that need to be considered before investing in high-quality leather wallets. Take your time before deciding what would be the perfect wallet for you. Take into account everything we discussed here, form style to the size of your wallet because in the end, the wallet you choose will be a part of you for a good amount of time. 

money clip- flawsome

The most important thing to remember is to invest in a handmade leather wallets accessory that you will love and love showing off! If you are looking for a women’s wallet you can also feel free to check them out here at Flawsome Store.  

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