How to stand out with New Style in New College Campus

stand out with new style

College is really an important place to fun and make many friends along with studies. In college You can wear any type clothes because you are free from daily uniform like a school. Make your new style in new college campus. Plan and select the clothes according to your budget. Setup your basic wardrobe according to your choice and style.

Here are some ideas about your daily outfit along with some amazing looks that stand out in the college campus.

Collect Your Wardrobe Collection For New College

You don’t need to buy too much clothes to make a different look. Choose the few important pieces that essential and compatible with each other. Choose the unique with new style in new college which is match with other stuff easily. Some primary outfits matching like:

  • Jeans and T-shirt
  • Collared Shirts
  • Sweater and cardigan
  • Formal and casual shoes
  • Jacket or Blazer
  • Unique color coat
  • Accessory

Everyone’s body is different and certain patterns, cuts, and even certain brands of clothing will work in your favor. Generally, thinner vertical lines will slim you down, while thicker horizontal lines make you look broader. Patterns typically shorten a part of your body.

essential wardrobe collection-new style in new college
Essential Wardrobe Collection

Striped Outfits

Striped outfits is definitely one of those style pieces that every man own as it looks stunning  in both casual as well as formal style. Here is lot of striped outfit ideas for men to try out. Have a look and create your own style statement.

  • Striped Shirt With Denim
  • Striped T-shirt With Jeans
  • Striped Shirt With Overcoat
  • Striped T-shirt With White Denim
  • Striped Crew Neck T-shirt
  • Striped T-shirt With Joggers
  • Striped T-shirt With Jackets
  • Casual Stripped Outfit Ideas
  • Striped T-shirt With Blazer
  • Striped Dress Shirt With Suit
Striped Outfits
Striped Outfits

White T-shirt with Blue Jeans and white sneakers

This outfit is very popular in youngsters.  To impress someone special with new style in new college campus, You can wear white round neck or V-neck T-shirt with blue jeans pair with white Sneakers. This looks definitely describes your simplicity and less effort to save your day. Now a day’s sneakers are also become a fashionable trends in boys and girls both. White sneakers are highly demanding in footwear category. Many designs and variations are available in white sneaker.

white t-shirt blue jeans
White T-shirt- Blue jeans

Sweatshirts Look Really Cool in College Campus

Sweatshirts are the most versatile wardrobe staple; it can double up as a casual as well a formal cover-up when styled correctly. This easy breezy, casual piece has come to define your fashion. you can also wear some plain sweatshirt with the printing of some cool thoughts. Make sure that you get one in your size and do not go for a baggy one. Being a smart-casual option for your wardrobe, gray sweatshirts set the right balance between casual and formal.

sweatshirt for men

Sunglasses Enhance Your Style in New College

Sunglasses are one of the important men accessories. Find perfect sunglasses that fit on your face and give you a stylish look. Before buying sunglasses, you need to know your eye alignment and face shape because not everything looks good on everyone. Even though men have fewer accessories to wear, they can easily transform their entire look with a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses that you are buying also protect your eyes from light, wind and dirt. If you are buying sunglasses for Men the first time, it is recommended that you buy them in person after trying several pairs on so that you can learn what suits you the most.

sunglasses for men

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