Backpacks vs Messenger Bags For Men

backpack vs messenger bag

Difference Between Messenger Bags For Men and BackPacks

Different types of bags are available in the market depending upon your usage and personality. Bags comes in all shapes and sizes. In this article we will be discussing about the Backpacks as well as the Messenger bags for men and the difference between them.

A backpack is also known as knapsack is worn by a person on his / her back and is used for the purpose of carrying things, especially when hiking. Commonly backpacks are seen on the students’ shoulders. A good backpack is a staple for any man. Whether it is just a day trip or any other adventure trip, a good backpack is the man’s dear partner.

A messenger bags for men commonly known as the courier bag is a type of sack usually manufactured using sack. It is worn over a shoulder that goes around the body through the chest, resting on the lower back. Earlier used by the courier boys, these messenger bags are now a trendy fashion item. Leather Messenger bags are usually used to carry heavy or bulky items while allowing easy access to the contents.

Choosing from a Leather Messenger bags and Backpack solely depends upon your purpose.

As a general rule, backpacks are going to be seen in a bit casual way and are often used in the utilitarian occasions. Whereas messenger bags are often associated with the briefcases and therefore are seen in a bit more professional or formal occasions.

Another rule is that the messenger bags for men are a bit more style-oriented so cannot be carried as the normal backpacks.

If you are a college student then you can choose either of them. If you are hauling a lot of books then you might like to consider the backpacks. And if you want to for a stylish alternative you can carry laptop messenger bags for men as well. 

Whatever you are opting for, another thing that you need to keep in mind is the material of the bag. A bag manufactured using leather, or the high canvas material are going to last for an eternity. Since you use the bag everyday it is an item worth investing in.

Backpacks, as most people know, were originally created for functionality. Mostly for school or a carry-all that will comfortably fit on your back. Originally the design of those had nothing to do with style, which is now moving into a style-forward, like a trend.

What occasions are right for backpacks and messenger bags?

As a generalization, backpacks are definitely going to be more casual. So more appropriate for school or somewhere where maybe the looks don’t matter that much. Messenger bags or briefcase are going to be more formal, are more appropriate for professional situations.

You might wonder but nowadays, there’s a kind of blur of lines between these two: you can now find more formal of a backpack and you can find more casual of a messenger bag.

Which is more Stylish laptop messenger bags for men or backpack?

A study shows that both messenger bags, as well as backpacks, are equally preferred. But you’re going to get the messenger or the briefcase-style a little bit more fashion-forward. Although nowadays, you can find a nice-looking leather backpack suitable for formal occasions as well. Messenger bags have a lot of versatility.

How to Wear Messenger Bags for men?

It’s more of a personal preference, how you want to carry your messenger bags. Whether you want to wear both of your straps together or you want to wear a single strap. Same with the messenger bag, you can cross it over or you can carry it on your shoulders.

Other rules to buy a good backpack or a leather messenger bags for men is go for a neutral colour to get the most versatility. Brown, black, navy, grey, tans are the ones that can match with a lot of different outfits. If you have a bag that you’re probably going to use every day then you want it to go with a lot. Leather is always a good fabric that lasts long. Canvas as well is going to last long. Another rule to keep in mind that don’t be afraid to invest in your bags in you are going to use it every day.

What about the size of the Messenger bags?

The size of the bag does matter if you are going to invest a fortune in it. You might want something that is large enough to have support for your laptop, or anything like that. Apart from that you might want to consider a bag that might fit your other essentials as well such as books, charger, etc.

But, you don’t have to pick an oversized one for yourself. So, “Size does matter”, therefore pick a right one for yourself.


Ultimately it comes down to who you are, what kind of style preferences you have, and what you are using it for. If you need a little bit more functionality, you might want to lean towards a backpack. If you want to go for style, you might want to opt for the messenger bag.

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