Stylish Tote Bags For College

tote bags for college

A tote bag is something with a large opening at the top and is used to carry lots of stuff. It is a structures bag that is designed for the convenience, durability and style. They have become quite popular recently, because of their simple versatility and ease of use. One of the best things about these stylish tote bags for college is that they can be personalized easily, depending upon the event you are about to attend. Nowadays Tote bags serve the purpose of carry-all, especially when running errands or one has to shop extensively.

The very first tote bag for women was manufactured in 17th century, but they became quite popular in 1900s, it’s then when the American women started using them. After seeing the increasing popularity of stylish Tote bags for college, designers such as Bonnie Cashin turned the practical design into something elegant. Tote bags can now be seen during every Fashion week.

Earlier the tote bags were manufactured using the Canvas material, but now it is often made up of cotton or linen. The archetypal tote bag is made up of sturdy cloth, perhaps with the thick leather at its handles or bottom. Since stylish tote bags are primarily used for the shopping purposes some of them are also made from recycled matter, from minimally-processed natural fibers or from by-products of processes that refine organic material.

One can say apart from being a great fashion accessory, tote bags for college are also an eco-friendly replacement of the disposable plastic bags, and can be used multiple times, Many studies have been done across the world which have shown that this cotton canvas bag have to be reused at least 131 times before it can meet the carbon expenditure of a single disposable plastic bag, and up to 327 times if the plastic bags are used as bin liners. Thanks to the material, stylish tote bags for college are highly durable.

Let’s look at some of the stylish tote bags for women which can be accompanied with you in college;

Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote and Wristlet: This stylish  tote bags is completely reversible, hence you get two of them at a price of one. It is available in black/leopard, taupe/ivory color. You can easily fit your 15 -inch laptop in there, and you’ll still be left with plenty of room for your other essentials. The bag comes with a detachable wristlet where you can keep your essentials such as keys, cash, cards, wallet, etc.

A new day reversible tote bag: Stated by style influencer Bethany Everrett-Ratcliffe that I carry this tote every day with me. This is basically two bags in one. This stylish tote bag for college can hold everything you need from notebooks to laptop of about 13 inches. This tote has a magnetic closure that allows easy access to items.

Baggalini Legacy Avenue Tote: Most versatile tote bag available in the market. Nylon is best known for its light-weight properties, and so is this bag. This tote bag for college can be carried in four different ways: either in your hand with the short straps, or on your shoulder, or as a crossbody or shoulder bag with the long strap. In addition to the five interior pockets, this tote bag also has a flat bottom.

Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Tote: Longchamp has been a go-to luxury brand for decades now, and this version of Le-Pliage stands out for its minimalist, modern structure and rich red and navy blue colorways. With the dimensions of 12*12*7 inches, the travel tote bag will hold everything you need for a day around town.

A new day top handle work tote: A new day top handle is a great looking tote bags for women on a budget. The bag features a structured top-handle with clean and minimal lines. The bag won’t fit a laptop but is suitable to carry all the other essentials such as notebooks, mobile phone, etc.

L.L. Bean Hunter’s Medium Open-Top Tote bag: Siraad Dirshe a renowned story teller and a social content manager stated L.L.Bean Hunter as a “perfect sized” tote. She said that “it looks better than the old canvas tote bags”. The bag is customizable as per your need, which is the best part about this tote bags. Apart from the college you can take this tote for “water fowling”, “dog training” or “shooting”. The bag is crafted from polyester and hence is durable, as well as water resistant. These tote bags for college is available in medium, large and extra large sizes, but the medium one is preferred the most.

Dagne Dover Signature Legend Coated Canvas Tote: One of the best tote bags for college. This bag can keep everything in it’s proper place. The interior features padded slots for a tablet and a 14-inch laptop along with the dedicated pockets for your phone, cards, IDs, sunglasses, water bottle, etc.

Cuyana Leather Zipper Tote: The all-rounder tote bags, is crafted from a soft luxurious Argentinian leather and are available in an array of muted sophisticated tones. This tote features a zipper closure thereby protecting your valuables from thieves. Cuyana tote makes your wardrobe look amazing.

Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote: Lo & Sons Deluxe Tote is popularly referred as “The Flight Chaser”. A favourite among the travellers. This tote bag is crafted from the sturdy canvas material and is a great choice to staple in your wardrobe. This tote will surely make you look more appealing. The exterior pockets unzips into a sleeve so that you can slip the bag over the handle of a rolling suitcase. There’s also a separate bottom compartment for your footwears or other items.

Hat Attack Large Soft Wicker Weave Tote: A beach tote bag, designed to carry your brunch as well as cocktails. Hat Attack’s weaved bag features a flared bucket design with playful tassels at the base of the straps.

Everlane the Day Market tote: The celebrity’s choice. You may be surprised to know but Angelina Jolie have been spotted out with this simple yet sleek tote bag. Carry this tote to your college and you will be the centre of attraction. This tote is crafted out from the Italian leather.

Baggu Cloud Bag: The packable pick. This lightweight tote bag can be packed into a palm-sized pouch. Baggu cloud bag can hold notebooks, cell phone, keys, water bottle and the other essentials.

Kipling Imagine Foldable Tote Bag: Manufactured from Nylon, these stylish tote bags is designed to be packable. It expands to three different sizes and the largest one has the perfect capacity for market hauls or serving as a backup carry-on after you’ve done some souvenir shopping.

Rains City Tote Bag: Rains is known for rainwear and backpacks that feature the sleek design. It is designed for adverse conditions, featuring a full zipper across the front, that keeps your clothes, laptop, and shoes from getting wet.

Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Tote: Longchamp has been a go-to luxury brand for decades now, and this version of Le-Pliage stands out for its minimalist, modern structure and rich red and navy blue colorways. With the dimensions of 12*12*7 inches, the travel tote bags will hold everything you need for a day around town.

Since tote bags for college are designed to allow maximum storage, they have a rectangular or square appearance. It is structured in a way, so that it can stand on its own. 

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