Tips To Choose Best Handbags For Women

best handbags for women

It is rightly said that “Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag”. Handbags make a powerful fashion statement for a woman. Believe it or not, the type of best handbags for women you choose showcases your personality and look.

Given below is the guide for choosing a perfect and best handbags for women that works best with your body type:

Handbags For small petite women: If you are small and petite, an oversized handbag will overwhelm you. Best handbags for women with longer straps will make you look shorter. To make your torso appear elongated, you must go for a bag that are vertically longer.

Handbags For tall, thin women: For tall women it is recommended to stay away from the boxy, structured bags, and should opt for slouchy ones that can mould the shape of your body. handBags that are too wide, or too big or too small shouldn’t be considered as an option. Bags with short straps will make you look taller than you already are, hence get handbags that have longer straps.

Handbags For curvy or plus-sized women: Proportion plays a major role while buying a handbag for women. If you are considering to buy a small size handbag, don’t, because it will only make you look larger than you already are. Also, don’t go for enormous bags as they will make you look bulky. You can go for medium-sized structured bag that lay flat against your body.

Handbags For pear-shaped women: If you want to carry weight around the lower part of your body, you must avoid slouchy bag, they will only draw attention to your hips and thighs and add girth to your body. You should go for structured bags.

Handbags For apple-shaped women: Best handbags for women who are broader around the waist, small handbags with short straps are your go-to. A balance is created with a slightly wide structured bag.

Handbags For hourglass-shaped women: For women who have balanced hip and shoulders with well-defined waist, you must go for the handbags that sit near your waistline or below your hips. You can choose from the medium sized handbags or from cross body handbags for women.

Handbags For rectangle shaped women: If your shoulders, waist and hips are of the same size, then you should avoid handbags that rest by or below or your hips. You should choose handbags that can be tucked under the arm or that rests by your natural waistline.

Apart from the physique there are some other factors that one should keep in mind before buying the best handbags for women. Following is the list of handbags for women online.Go through it before investing into one.

  • Make sure it’s comfortable to carry: A handbag is just like your clothing; it should have a comfort level that you are happy with. So before buying a handbag, you must look for the following things: does it push your arm in an uncomfortable way? Does it slide your shoulder easily? Do you have to carry it by the handles which is not your style?
  • Make sure it’s not too heavy: Check out the women handbag online before buying it and notice just how heavy it is. If you are looking for a leather handbag; they are a great investment but sometimes can be very heavy. Sometimes the extra metal detail can also add on to the weight of your bag, although they look great but it’s impractically heavy.
  • The right pockets for you: You must look for the best women handbag online that have a decent number of pockets for your essentials and other stuff. You must also consider the size of the pockets in there. For instance, some may like a lot off card pockets into her clutch or handbag, some may like a zip pocket. So, depending upon your need, you must look for the handbag.
  • Zip it up: You should look for a women handbag that is fully zipped or closed up so that your items doesn’t fall out while travelling or so. The zipper helps to keep your essentials safe.
  • Make it Versatile: You must get a handbag that you can pull everywhere with almost everything, i.e., it needs to be versatile in its design. It needs to be dressy enough to relate to your work attire, soft enough to relate to your casual outfits. Also, it needs to go with your colour palette – so that it doesn’t clash with your outfit.
  • Make it beautiful: Last but not the least you must go for the aesthetics of the handbag. The colour, the design all must be taken into account. If you are going for a black handbag, then it needs to have some extra details to make it more pleasing.

Since number of best women handbags is available in the market, you should be careful while choosing one. Given below is the list of few best handbags for women online.

  • Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Medium Tote: If you are into handbag, then you must go for the Michael Kors Tote collection. The bag is available in vibrant and stylish colours, and therefore have a plenty of options to pick from. It is ideal for the people who like to carry all of their essentials at a go.
  • Fossil Fiona Large Crossbody Bag: This handbag for women works as an everyday essential and a travel pouch. Most of the designs of this bag revolve around the dark brown colour. Although this bag is also available in 10 different colours. The leather quality of this handbag is best in the industry.
  • Steve Madden Balisha: Steve Madden Balisha is widely known for it’s unusual design patterns. Be it any other accessory such as shoes, purses, etc. the designs are unique, stylish and chic. These bags are elegant and spacious and large enough to carry all of your essentials.
  • Ted Baker Larah: Your style amps up automatically when spotted with a Ted Baker Handbag. The design, colour and material of the handbag are sophisticated and ooze class. The quality of the handbag makes it worth every cent you spend on it.
  • Guess Factory Women’s Petal Tote: Guess is an absolute must have brand. This tote bag has one large compartment that can fit everything you need. It is affordable and elegant too.
  • Zara Suede Tote Bag: Totes are widely known for their comfort and functionality. This is the bag that gives you all of the features in a crossbody bag variant. It looks just as good with your office wear as well as capable of accommodating everything you need for surviving a weekend. You can use it as a tote or a crossbody variant.
  • Baggalini Legacy Avenue Tote: Most versatile tote bag available in the market. Nylon is best known for its light-weight properties, and so is this bag. This tote bag can be carried in four different ways: either in your hand with the short straps, or on your shoulder, or as a crossbody or shoulder bag with the long strap. In addition to the five interior pockets, this tote bag also has a flat bottom.

In conclusion, Best Handbags for women are amazing as they not only carry your essentials but also pull out your look and upgrade your wardrobe.

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