Top 10 Reasons Why Men Love Handmade Leather Wallets

handmade leather wallets

A large number of people into handmade products, because of many reasons, such as higher quality and greater attention to the details. A handmade leather wallets is something which meets your expectation beyond something which a normal wallet can offer. It is often seen that a handmade leather wallet is appreciated more than the one which is made into the factory as it requires hard work and huge effort to make such wallets.

A handmade leather wallets, since crafted using hands doesn’t involve use of any dangerous materials and hence is environment friendly as well as user’s health. Although it may have the same style or design but it is more durable than the wallet manufactured using the machines.

Handmade leather wallets is gaining popularity for both men and women. Leather is undeniably trusted material. Leather is something which carves out the sophisticated and the stylish personality of the person. Leather is a symbol of luxury and style. Handmade leather wallet for men are made into different categories such as credit card holder for men, leather passport holder, a leather bi-fold wallet, or a tri-fold wallet.

Following are some of the reasons why most of the men are into handmade leather wallet:

They have a long life:

As known leather is durable and has a long life as compared to the other synthetic materials. Leather is a strong material that was mainly developed to be used in rough conditions, and it has now become an integral part of the everyday lifestyle.

Perfect companion for travelling:

A perfect companion if you are planning to go for a trip, a vacation or a holiday due to their compact size, water resistant qualities and multiple card slots. The best part about these wallets are they can easily be fit into your pocket and are very light-weight. Apart from all that a handmade leather wallet looks amazing and makes you look stylish.

They are classy:

Leather wallets are known to be classy and luxurious. Even with the time, they keep on getting better and still looks beautiful. Designer wallets are in much demand and used by the many people. The leather is always a perfect go to no matter the occasion or the season. A handmade leather wallet is a good investment as they can never go out of style.

They are eco-friendly:

Unlike the wallets manufactured from the PU material using machinery, handmade leather wallets are eco-friendly. It is usually preferred to buy something made from the natural material than the one made from the synthetic material.

Always in fashion:

Another great feature of the leather wallets are that they are never out of fashion. Whether you accompany them at your workplace or at a party or even at the vacation, they seem to compliment your personality. Be it a teenager, or a mid-aged man or woman, leather wallet suits everyone. There are only few products that have a massive following among every group and leather wallets are seem to be among them.

It has natural colors through vegetable tanning:

Italian leather is famous for distinct leather quality, workmanship and design. Vegetable tanning is a process which is done through natural tannins extracted from the woods or barks of the plants, a traditional form of the leather tanning. The colour appears from the leather tanning is remarkable.

They are flexible:

One of the unique features of the leather wallet. Moreover, with time, the flexibility of the leather wallet seems to be increasing with time. They are durable as well as long lasting. On the other hand, synthetic wallets are rigid and the plastic gets damaged after a little use. It looks cheaper and improper.

Leather can breathe:

Yes, you read it correctly, leather can breathe, hence, a perfect choice for you while traveling because it wouldn’t have any moisture, thereby ensuring that all the things in your leather wallet are safe and intact.

They are resistant to the fungal attacks:

The best part of the leather wallets is that they are resistant to the fungal attacks, while the synthetic wallets are prone to one. Considering leather wallets are water-resistant they are free from any such worries. Hence, once bought you need not to invest in one for a longer period of time.

Handcrafted leather wallets greatly help communities:

If you are choosing a handmade leather wallet then you are helping your local business to grow. Having these handmade leather wallets means giving a chance to the local communities to earn revenues, and support their families financially.

One more thing about the hand-crafted leather wallet apart from the reasons mentioned above is that they can be customized easily. Since you get these wallets from the craftsmen themselves, then you get to customize it accordingly. Handmade leather wallets are not limited in terms of its style and design, you can go for whatever you crave for.

Below are some of the best leather wallets to help you choose from the wide variety available in the market:

MEKU Men’s Handmade Slim Leather Wallet:

The Meku Wallet is made of 100% genuine leather, which is cut by hand, sewn by hand and the final touch is also done by hand. Apart from being extremely durable this handmade leather wallet is also compact and practical for every day’s use. This leather wallet has three pockets in total, and each pocket can hold up to 4 cards, and loose bills. The wallet is large enough to hold all your IDs, insurance cards and license.

Leatherworld Handmade Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet:

A lightweight handmade leather wallet with a vintage look. It is manufactures using the tanned oil wax cowhide leather of the top most quality. It has multiple compartments to hold your loose notes, IDs, driving license, credit cards, bills, etc. The inside compartments are made up of super fine leather and is resistant to wear and tear.

Rustic Town Handmade Bifold Leather Wallets with RFID Blocking:

This unisex handmade leather wallet is manufactured from the 100% buffalo leather. This wallet is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. The sturdy stitching of this wallet ensures that all of your items are safe and secure. The wallet is spacious enough to store your credit cards, bills, notes, etc. into 3+2 slots provided along with your IDs, driving license, receipts. The vintage look of this wallet makes it a go to with every outfit.

Secret Felicity Men’s Handmade Bifold Leather Wallet:

This handmade leather wallet si manufactured using the 100% real cowhide leather which has a soft and a smooth touch. It represents the work of the finest craftsmen, and the stitches and cuts are done to perfection. The wallet is spacious enough to carry 8 credit cards, two personal IDs, two money clips and one photo frame slot. The wallet is available in 5 different colours and is a  perfect gift option for your loved ones.

Teemzone Men’s Cowhide Leather Handmade Bifold Wallet:

This handmade leather wallet is made in the USA from the imported natural cowhide leather. The leather used is lightweight, durable and adds to the masculine touch of the wallet. The wallet has 3 card slots, one personal ID window, three bill slots, two small money pockets and a fully zippered bill compartment for your bills and notes. This handmade leather wallet is available in three classy colours – Brown Vintage Texture, Black Natural Texture and Black Oil Wax Texture.

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