Trendy And Stylish Sling Bags For Men

sling bags for men

Sling bags for men also known as Messenger Bag or Courier Bag is quite popular amongst the youth. It is a type of sack usually made up of cloth, worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. Messenger bags are also known as carryalls. A quick fact messenger bags or sling bags are still commonly used in the U.K. by the couriers of the Royal Mail.

Earlier the bag was designed to transport mails and goods by numerous types of messengers, postal workers, messengers on foot, bicycle couriers, etc. Sling bags for men are designed in a way that they ensure comfort to the people along with easy access to the contents. Sling bags incorporate features such as fitting for easy adjustment of the shoulder strap, quick-release buckles, that make them suitable for cycling. In addition to this sling bags allows you to attach accessories, such as lights, phone holsters, or U-locks.

Nowadays, messenger bags have become quite fashionable. Mostly they are used by cyclists or commuters. Many college or school students use them for fashionable functional purposes. Notebooks, books, etc. can easily be shifted to the side of the body, thereby providing better accessibility.

Different types of sling bags for men are available, the type of sling bag you need depends upon what type of activities you are going to be doing most.

Let’s see why exactly you need sling bag?

Apart from the fashionable purposes sling bags are of great use as well. Sling bags are perfect for your in-flight essentials. A sling bag is a great place to keep all your essentials or pocketable items, especially when in transit. You just need to toss all of your stuff in there. 

Sling bags are also perfect for your Day trip essentials. Apart from carry your wallets, keys, mobile phones, etc. sling bags allows you to bring extra camera lenses, extra camera batteries, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

Sling bags provide easy access, thanks to the design of the sling bags. Wearing them across the chest gives you an easy access to your items.

Following are the list of sling bags for men that you may consider for yourself:

CODEOFBELL X-POD: Designed for the days when you just need to carry your essentials and on trips where you want everything but the kitchen sink. It never looks too bulky and manages to stay comfortable even when too bulky. Also, the bag has got an expandable main compartment.

HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO.FROM CROSSBODY LARGE: This sling bag looks like a regular sized backpack. It has three compartments that are fitted for a variety of items, ensuring that you’ll never lose anything.

CHROME INDUSTRIES KADET NYLON: Chrome Industries are well known for their unique and recognizable designs. Its oblong shape is reminiscent of the typical fanny pack. It is capable of holding all of your essentials. The best part about this bag is that it is water resistant. Since you are likely to carry all of your essentials into the sling bag, the last thing you’ll wish for them is to get damaged due to rain.

INCASE DIAMOND WIRE REFORM SLING PACK: A sling bag made up of durable and high-quality material. It is used to carry all of your essential tech-small laptops. It is all weather resistant. Also, trusted zippers from YKK RiRi and SAB are used in this sling bag.

AER DAY SLING 2: The Aer Day Sling 2 is made up of some tough stuff – 1680D CORDURA Ballistic Nylon. This sling bag provides massive zippers that may last decades. Straps are one of the crucial things to consider in the sling bags. This sling bag provides padded strap that is made up of nylon webbing. Overall it is a good to go bag.

OSPREY DAYLITE SHOULDER SLING: The sling bag provides enough padding to make carry comfortable. There’s also a small mesh pocket on the strap for items that you want to access quickly and a nylon loop for attaching water bottles.

TOM BIHN SIDE EFFECT: This is more of a 4-in 1 all purpose pouch. It can be carried as a sling bag, as a fanny bag, with a handle loop. One of the special features of this bag is, the strap can be removed and the bag can be used to carry toiletries, key, wallet, mobile phone, etc. Since the strap can be removed, you can also attach the strap of your style.

TIMBUK2 LA BANANE FANNY BAG: It come as a fanny bag but can be used a sling bags for men too because the straps are anchored at the top of the bag and the buckle is off centre. Also, the bag has some of the secret pockets, making it ideal for the festival and travel alike.

FJALLRAVEN GREENLAND POCKET: The bag with a thin crossbody strap which can be tightened and loosened easily. This feature allows you to either hang your bag or allow it to wear it close to your chest.

TRAKKE BANANA CROSSBODY BAG: The bag comes with the stainless-steel buckles, which are extra durable and allow you to wear your sling bag as a hip pack. Also, it’s fresh look helps you give the vintage look.

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