What Are The Best Gift for Mens Birthday?

best gift for mens birthday

It is believed that men are generally a pain in the ass to shop for. It takes nearly some super human skills to shop for men, to choose the best gift for mens birthday. Whether that men is your husband, boyfriend, brother or father or another male member in your family, you can buy the unique gifts for him either at Flawsome Store. We have handpicked some of them for you. If you are in a dire need of the best gift for mens birthday, and want to make his birthday special in his way, then don’t worry you got your sorted list below.

The basic idea of picking the best gift for mens birthday greatly depends upon his personality. Men vary from women in many aspects. They are more practical, and their gifts too should complement their personality. For a smart and trendy guy, a great watch and men handmade leather wallets and other fashion accessories works best. While for a professional guy, you may gift him some amazing pens, desk quotations, scrolls and posters, etc., that could ease out his work and organize his life. If he is a party person, then the bar accessories are the best gifting options available. Personalised and best gift for mens birthday are also an option, they make the cute gesture and makes the other person remember you as well as enlighten your memories. 

On the birthdays, the charm of the greeting cards is out of this world. Greeting cards are a great way to express your love feeling, they are a great way to say get well soon, congratulations, thank you or good bye. 

A wide variety of best gift for mens birthday are provided below that will make him mesmerise you at a glance. The vast list of gifts includes, coffee mugs, men’s handmade leather wallets, Smartwatches, perfumes, bar accessories and many more. The personalised gifts such as, male accessories, card holders, wooden plaque, photo frames, bags & wallets, handmade leather wallets, personalised cards, etc. are often used to elate your relations with the man. 

Men Handmade Leather Wallets

Wallets are an integral part of the man’s life and gifting him a personalised men handmade leather wallets surely will going to make his day. Apart from the amazing properties of leather, it is also used to carve out the responsible image of the person. Leather is a symbol of power and protection. So, handmade leather wallet is an amazing gift for him.

Watches: Best Gift For Mens Birthday

It is believed that phones don’t keep you punctual, watches do. And a wrist watch or smartwatch is the most convenient way to tell the time. Watches are inspired by the military and anything which is inspired by the military are highly functional. Since the range of acceptable jewellery for men is limited, one of the main accessories that a man can be seen with is a wrist watch. A watch signals style of a person. A watch can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality. Watches are a form of self-expression – reflecting a hint of danger, adventure and sports. 

Coffee Mugs: Best Gift For Mens Birthday

A coffee mug is a great gift for men birthday irrespective of his profession. Whether the man is a professional, a college student, or even your grand-father, a coffee mug is always in use. And its nice to enjoy the coffee, in your favourite mug. The best part of the coffee mugs is that they can be customised easily. Whatever be your requirement, you can easily find the matching coffee mug at Amazon.in or at flawsome store. Also, coffee mugs are affordable unlike watches and men’s handmade leather wallets. 

Beer Set gift: Best Gift For Mens Birthday

Personalised and Unique beer gift for mens birthday are available in the market. The beer set is a perfect gift for party animals. A number of high-tech gear and simple upgrades are available for the person whose life centres around the beer, such as a cooler backpack, beer socks, Hydro Flask Brew Bundle, Fizzics Beer System, etc. 

Photo frame: Best Gift For Mens Birthday

If you want to gift something mesmerizing to your man, then nothing’s better than the photo-frame, holding the best capture of yours and his life, thereby gifting him the memories.  It is believed that the photos are the best way to relieve the old moments. From the customized frames to the amazing wall frames, unique frames to 3-D collage, a bunch of personalized photo frames are available for your dear and near ones. 

Perfume: Best Gift For Mens Birthday

A perfume is a versatile gift for a man. It is rightly said by Massimo Ferragamo – “The best investment in every man’s life is an expensive cologne along with the tailored suit. Buying a good cologne for men Is like buying the best first impression”. Gifting someone a perfume shows that you have put a lot of thought into who the recipient is, his personality and what he might like. It also something that they will wear everyday thereby making them think of you every day. Some of the best perfumes available for men are: Tom Ford Noir, Chanel Bleu de Chanel, Dior Sauvage, and perfumes by Creed. 

Backpacks: Best Gift For Mens Birthday

If your man is constantly on the move, then gifting him a good back-pack will be a nice idea. The right backpack can be a world changing accessory for him. Backpacks are used to carry important stuff such as important files, documents, laptops, wallets, etc. A good backpack is light-weight and comes with a number of pockets, that keep you man organized. Apart from this, 2 more features are offered by the backpack – Comfortable, because carrying things in a backpack is a lot easier than carrying them in the other bags. Lastly, a backpack guarantees the safety to your belongings. Some of the best brands which you can consider as an option:  Puma, Skybags, American Tourister, Adidas, and Gear. 


Sneakers make the best gifts for men. Sneakers are designed to be used for sports and other forms of physical exercise. Sneakers can widely be used for everyday casual wear. Sneakers are something that can never go out of style. Sneakers can be worn with the straight-leg jeans, and a graphic tee. A man can also pull off the sneaker at work, if paired with midi dress and a blazer.

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