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every Perfect man should wear tie

These days, as the average daily outfit for a man is becoming less and less formal, the temptation does arise to leave the jacket at home. This does beg the question then, should a man skip the jacket if he so wishes and wear just a dress shirt and mens tie?

Last Monday , I was getting late for office and decided to skip the tie in favor of regaining a few much-needed minutes. When I was sitting at my place in the office,   The president of the company, whom I rarely interacted with, poked his head into my humble cube and asked where my mens tie was. I was unable to answer, but his question made me ponder my wardrobe decisions. I had worn a tie for a single week and, as a result, the head of the company was keenly aware of my presence and appearance. Consequently, I decided to run an amateur social experiment to see if one tiny strip of colored fabric could truly make a difference in my professional life. My experiment was simply to wear a tie to work every day for a year while occasionally donning a sport coat or blazer for good measure.

Benefits of Wearing a Tie Every Day

Wearing a Tie in your neck are a great way to add personality into your outfit, but Now a days, A tie is no longer an everyday men accessory. Ties are only reserved for business occasions only That means some workplaces, job interviews, milestone birthdays, weddings. There are some benefits to wear a Tie.

Improve Your Presence among colleague

To wear one small accessory around your neck separates you from the ocean. Every person notice in the office by your outfits. Even your name is unknown around the office, but you identified by your clothing. You also inspire your co-worker and boss with your looks.

Important Responsibility

Not only a tie, especially paired with a suit to give new responsibilities that lie outside your typical role or position. Wearing a simple tie, can quickly and easily set you far ahead of your peers. It also show your practical skills.

Improve Personal Confidence

When you wear a tie at work you will definitely received some comments as well, some sarcastic and some genuine.  Overall, You found that wearing a tie every day made you feel a greater sense of self-respect.

Exposure to New Opportunities

When your define yourself as more confident, you will get great opporinuity to meeting with clients and take on new projects. When you will always be dressed appropriately in front of a your clients, New opportunities will also welcome you.

Which mens tie should I choose?

If you are not sure where to start means How to select a perfect men tie. You have to buy one or two ties in knitted fabric.

Colors like Navy blue, charcoal and a dark red are all colours that are easy to mix and match and go with most suiting dress. You should also wear pattern ties with plain shirts.

 Three most important knot styles you should learn are:

  • The Four-In-Hand
  • The Windsor
  • The Half Windsor

For wider collars, it’s best you go for a wider knot, like the Windsor or the Half Windsor. And, for narrower collars go for the Four-In-Hand.

If you want to take your tie with more gental look, You also capping the look with a tie clip. Tie clips are designed to clip your tie to your shirt to stop it from flailing around.

Ties are a seemingly small piece of fabric in a man’s wardrobe but they can carry immense importance in a modern setting. A strip of silk hanging from the neck will naturally set the wearer apart from those around him.

With a Tie, A Perfect men can also enhance their personality to wear Premium leather accessories.

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