Why The Bucket Bags Trend Is Still Going Strong In 2020 ?

bucket bags trend 2020

Bucket Bags were added to women’s fashion in 1932, with Louis Vuitton’s Noé first bag. According to the company the bag was created to serve its purpose of carrying five bottles of champagne (the fifth upside down). It’s been four years only since when the bucket bags trend came. And the bucket bag trend is still alive and thriving. Bucket bags are used to carry all your essentials with the toss in it ease but a tidier manner. These are the ready carryalls, with an essence of hippie style, drawstring tops, and flat bottoms.

When looking for the best bucket bags look for these five things:


It is not necessary that all the buckets bags look like buckets, but they, however, will have a flat bottom that is either round or oval. The advantage of the flat bottom is that it allows the bag to sit upright. Also, go for the material of the bottom of your bucket bag. It should be able to protect your material.


Bucket bags have a drawstring closure, so analyze how easy will it be to open and close your bucket bag? Considering you want easy access to your content, also you don’t your drawstring to loosen easily. So, ensure that your bucket bag has a smooth but secure drawstring closure. 


One of the advantages of the bucket bag is that, you can carry it as a purse on your shoulder, or across your body, or on your wrist, or in your hand as well. Some of the bucket bags have a bracelet like a handle, some may have a longer strap that allows you to wear it across your body. So, choose your bucket bag accordingly. 


Considering the popularity of the bucket bags, they are manufactured in a wide array of materials. They are available from velvet and sequins to faux fur and rhinestones. If you are a fan of something unique, then go for the furry, sparkly bag. But, if you want to use your bucket bag regularly then go for the waxed canvas or high-quality leather. 


The bucket bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from mini – to small medium-sized. The inside of most bucket is much like a tote: one roomy interior space. But do look at all of its details.

Tory Burch said: “Bucket Bags are incredibly versatile – the ideal combination of utility with casual chic”.

According to the Tina Craig, co-founder of the BagSnob website “the bucket bag should come with a disclaimer” as even though they provide a room for all of your essentials but once in they are too difficult to be found again.

Yet a bucket bag’s best quality is that it is a carryall, available in different sizes, good to go with almost every casual outfit. 

If you are thinking to invest in the bucket bags, look for all the above-mentioned qualities.

Following are the list of some of the amazing bucket bags, suited for your wallets as well.


It looks so much premium considering its low price tags. Also, they have many color variants as well they have an interior pocket as well for your essentials. 


Popular for its golden double chain handles that make this bucket bag more elevated than the other ones. Also, is available in many other colors, has chain handles, and a drawstring closure. 


When comes to both function as well as fashion, this is your go-to. You can carry it around your body, and the interior magnetic closure means everything inside stays put. According to the users, they were very much satisfied with the purse. Also, available in different colors as well as has an adjustable strap.


It is loved for its acrylic handle and unique shape that makes this classic bag feel like a little fresher. Also, can remove the adjustable strap and wear it as a top-handle.


Recommended for those who prefer to have a little extra space for the essentials. The best thing about this bag is, it can be personalized.


The coated, matte patent lining adds a subtle hint of color to this classic style. If you want to invest your bucks; it is highly recommended. 

All the above reasons make the bucket bags trendy in 2020. Find the best-suited bucket bag for yourself and let us know the same. 

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